Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

My sister-in-law Mary Jo gifted
us with these delicious pretzels one
Christmas and we've been making them
ever since.

These are fast, easy, fun and

I buy melting chocolate at our
local cake decorating supply store,
but you can use regular chocolate chips.

Line a deep bowl with waxed paper
to save on clean-up later.

Fill with white or dark chocolate chips and
microwave on high for one minute.

Stir thoroughly and microwave for
another 15-seconds.

Stir again.

Continue this process at 15-second intervals
until chocolate is smooth like this.

(Do NOT microwave for longer than 15-second intervals!)
I have burned the entire batch by being impatient
and destroyed expensive chocolate.

Set out long strips of waxed paper on your kitchen table.

I buy these braided twists at Sam's club,
but you can use smaller, shaped pretzels, too.

Dip each pretzel halfway into the chocolate
then plop onto the waxed paper.

While still melty,
add your favorite holiday sprinkles.

Your kids will LOVE to help
dip and sprinkle...
even teenagers!

These easy dipped pretzels make
great teacher gifts...just package in
festive bags and tie with a ribbon.

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