Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

I come from a large family, so my mother
had to cook up a TON of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

This is her method for the PERFECT mashed potatoes
to serve about 25 people.

You can edit the recipe for a smaller group.

Mom's Mashed Potatoes to Serve 25

21 large Idaho potatoes
4 cups sour cream
4  8-oz. blocks of cream cheese
Salt to taste

Start by peeling the potatoes and removing any brown spots.

Cut the potatoes in half and put them in a large stock pot.

Add enough water to cover the potatoes.
Add about 2 Tbs. of salt to the water.
This is the only time to salt the potatoes so add
more or less depending on taste...I add a bit more.

Set your burner on MEDIUM heat...yes, MEDIUM.
Cover the pan.
The water will slowly heat up and you will eventually get a
gentle boil.

Stir potatoes up from the bottom about every 15 minutes and
stick a fork into a potato to check doneness.
You DON'T want to overcook them!

By cooking them slowly, you will avoid a soggy
mess and will be rewarded with nice, firm potatoes.

It usually takes about an hour to cook through.
Drain the potatoes in a large colander.

Place about six potato halves into a large mixing bowl
and mix until smooth.

Keep adding more potatoes and beat smooth
until your bowl is about half full.

Add one cup of sour cream and mix smooth.

Add one block of cream cheese and mix smooth.

This amount half fills an 11 X 15 inch baking dish.

Continue to mix the potatoes in batches until you fill two large
baking dishes.

I make these several days before Thanksgiving
and store in the fridge.
Reheat them in the oven,
or quickly in the microwave.
Makes it SO easy on Thanksgiving day.

These potatoes are so creamy and delicious
you will NOT have any left over!

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  1. Wow! I love mashed potatoes. I was thinking what made it looked white from the other blog. Now I know the secret. :)