Monday, September 13, 2010

Cheesy Bread Pizzas

When I was a kid, my mother used to make us these
DELICIOUS bread pizzas for lunch.

We LOVED them!

I made them for my kids and they loved them, too!

They're fun and QUICK to make, so I thought I'd share
this recipe for busy moms...and anybody who wants a quick, yummy lunch.

This is all you will need:

Any kind of bread
a jar of pre-made spaghetti sauce
dried oregano leaves
sliced mozzarella cheese

Set a large frying pan on med/high heat.

While the pan is heating,
Use a rolling pin to flatten each piece of bread.
Flatten it well.

Make two pizzas at a time.
Place flattened bread in the heated pan.

Spray a pancake turner lightly with Pam cooking spray.

When bread is browned, flip over.

Add a large spoonful of spaghetti sauce to the browned side.

Sprinkle with dried oregano leaves.

Add a slice of mozzarella cheese on top.

Now, for the fun and kind of tricky part.

Flip the pizzas over...cheese side down.

It doesn't take long for the cheese to melt.

With the oiled pancake turner, scoop up the pizza...
making sure to capture all the cheese,
and flip onto a plate.

It's hot, so cool it a bit before younger kids dig in.
They will beg you to make this for them...
and you won't mind because it's so quick

The "crust" is nice and crispy like real pizza.


  1. I remember my niece telling me this recipe. My sister used to do this for her daughter. My niece liked this bread pizza a lot!:)

  2. I was just searching out some new lunch/dinner ideas and thought of your site. My son is almost two and I think this is the perfect idea for him because its quick, easy to chew, and I just love that this is a much healthier version. Hope he likes it as much as you and your kids! Thx!