Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup

I always make this soup on a Saturday using
dinner leftovers from the week before.

It's a staple in our house if someone is sick.
We call it our "Sickie Soup".
I have given it to sick friends and relatives
and it always makes everyone feel better.

Chicken Noodle Soup
2-4 boxes Mrs. Grass Soup Mix
2 rotisserie chicken breasts diced
Baby carrots diced
Celery and the leaves diced
various leftover veggies (explained below)
spoonful of minced garlic from the jar

My soup base is Mrs. Grass Soup Mix
which comes in these 2-box sets.

For each box, use 4 cups of water in a stock pot.
This day I used three boxes...12 cups water.

The kits come with a flavor packet and the golden nugget.
I don't use the golden nugget because it is essentially
chicken fat which I don't want to add, but
you can decide for yourself.

Add the season packet to the water, turn on high
and bring to a boil.

You can also use chicken broth and
add 1 chicken bouillon cube per 4 cups.

While that's heating, dice up carrots.
I never measure...just add what you like.
Add to soup immediately because the
carrots and celery take the longest to cook.

Remove the large, outer stalks of celery
and use the tender inner stalks.

Note the lovely leaves tucked inside of
the inner stalks. They add wonderful flavor to the soup.

Simply slice the inner stalks and leaves together like this:

You will have a lovely mix of chopped stalks and
flavorful leaves.  Add to soup.

All week long, I save any leftover veggies from dinner in one
container for soup.

Cut up into bite-sized pieces and add to the pot.
(If you have peas, don't add until the very end or they'll get mushy)

This week, I had some leftover rice and broccoli,
so I added that, too.

You can also add leftover pasta and any other veggies you
have in the fridge.

While that's all simmering on the stove,
cut up the chicken and add to the soup

Simmer for about a half hour,
or until the carrots and celery are tender.

Now add my secret ingredient...
a big spoonful of minced garlic.
AWESOME flavor!

Stir in the noodles from the soup mix kit
and boil for an additional 10 minutes.

You will have a hearty, healthy soup
that makes everyone feel better!


  1. thats look delicious, thanks for sharing

    hi from mas raden

  2. I found a box of Mrs. Grass soup mix in my cabinet. I bought it for some recipe and have long since forgotten which one. I found this and now have a hot pot bubbling on the stove. We had chicken for dinner last night and rice as well and a mess of veggies in the crisper that are going to get old soon. I love utilizing what I already have. Thanks for a great recipe. We aren't going to eat it tonight though. I will cool it and pour it into a freezer bag for a fall meal when it gets cooler. I do love a stocked freezer of completed meals, even more than I love to empty my pantry shelves into the freezer bags :-)

  3. I'm sorry but I'm all about presentation and this just looks nasty and takes too long. Chicken noodle soup should be simple. Here's a simple old fashion recipe that's nutritious.

    Chicken (drumsticks, breasts, or thighs)
    2 cans of cream of chicken
    1 bag of egg noodles
    Veggies of your choice
    Salt optional

    Boils your chicken until done
    start the egg noodles about 10min before chicken is done
    Drain chicken and debone
    Cut up chicken breasts and big pieces of chicken to your liking
    Drain egg noodles
    Combine the two and add cans of cream of chicken
    Leave on medium heat and stir
    Saute veggies and add seasoning of your choice
    Turn off stove and combine veggies with chicken mix
    Your choice to add salt or parsley at this time

    Now you have a delicious meal that's sure to satisfy any family or group. You can make as much as you want.