Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pork Roast and Gravy (Crockpot meal)

No meal is more basic and delicious than a pork roast.
This is the dinner I make on days
when I know I won't have much time or energy.

I buy these large pork loins when they go on sale
at my grocery store.

I cut them in half,
plop them individually into
gallon-sized freezer Ziploc bags,
and stash them in the freezer.

Before work, on a harried day,
I grab a frozen roast out of the freezer,
spray my crock pot with cooking spray,
and drop in the frozen pork.

I don't add any seasoning because
the gravy will really flavor it up later.

Set crock pot on high and leave it to cook all day.

When you return home,
wash small red potatoes and stab in
steam holes so the potatoes don't blow up in your microwave.

I have tried putting the potatoes in the crock pot with the roast,
but they overcooked after eight hours.
You can try larger potatoes, or
simply microwave the potatoes on high for
6 to 8 minutes and they're done!

While the potatoes are cooking,
make this EASY gravy.
I have made my own gravy from scratch and
tried a variety of gravies in the jar and



tastes as awesome or is as easy to make
as McCormick's Herb Gravy mix for Beef!

I always keep packets of this in my pantry
for those harried days.

Simply pour the dry powder into a small sauce pan.

Add one cup of warm water...

Heat over medium/high heat until it boils.
Remove from heat and it will thicken more while it sits.
It's THAT freakin' easy!

One packet makes one cup of gravy, enough for two people.
When my kids are home from college, I cook
up two packages.

Remove pork roast from crock pot and
place it on a cutting board.
With a large knife, scrape off the thick layer of
fat from the bottom.

Slice the roast.
It will be tender and lean.

This meal is healthy with very little fat.
The gravy has just 60-calories in a 1/2 cup serving.
I always serve a vegetable, and frozen
peas are the FASTEST!
They take just minutes to heat up.
My EASY, go-to meal especially on cold winter days.

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  1. I refrain from eating too much meat. But if this shows up on my table. Forget about the diet. (lol)