Friday, September 3, 2010

Freezing Chives

I picked the last of my summer chives from my herb garden this morning.
I wanted to get them in the freezer so they're ready for winter meals.

It's very easy to freeze chives.

First, find a pan or plate that fits in your freezer and cover it with
No-stick foil.

Remove all dried chives and weeds from the bunch.

Rinse well under cold running water.

Pat off excess water with a paper towel
Then spread the chives on the foiled pan.

Freeze uncovered for several hours.
This flash freezes in the flavor.

Remove from freezer and chop the frozen chives.
They're really easy to chop frozen.

Place chopped chives in a Ziplock bag and store in the freezer.

In the winter, simply toss a handful of frozen chives into soups and stews
for summer fresh flavor!


  1. You do not have to be a chef, Jill. You are sharing simple recipes packed with nutrients. Every mom would agree the foods we eat everyday are the most important. Anyhow, from the way you shared your recipes. I know you could likewise prepare special meal at par with any chef.

    Great recipe blog! Hats off for you! ♥

  2. Ms Jill, I absolutely LOVE this recipe blog of yours! I will follow this for I know I can really use this! I want to learn how to cook and be able to cook for my future husband! You know what they say, A way to a man's heart is through his stomach! :) I love your pictures! Let me guess, you have the camera with your other hand while doing all these?! :) great shots Ms Jill! :)

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